Updating My “List of 100 Dreams”

Updating My List of 100 Dreams

Updating My List of 100 Dreams

Once upon a time, way back in 2018, I was inspired to create a List of 100 Dreams after listening to the audiobook 168 Hours. I buckled down and got to work on the very long list, and posted it here when I was finished. It was full of a pretty good mix of things. Some were more easily achievable than others, but at the time everything on the list seemed to make sense.

Flash forward 2 years, to the present, and my life has changed in about a million different ways. I chose a few of the items to actively try to work on, and some I ended up completing just by navigating the changes in my life. Some of the things make absolutely no sense for my life anymore, and some are things I just don’t care about now. I guess that’s part of the appeal of the list, too; revisiting it and making changes as your life changes, and figuring out which things are still important to you.

In the midst of a global pandemic, while everyone is stuck at home and trying to figure out how to pass the time, I thought I would revisit my list and see what I could work on. At this point, even though part of the idea behind the list is that trying to think of 100 dreams makes you really start narrowing in on things, I’ve decided to cut my list down to 50. That’s still a lot of dreams, and I think it will be nice to be able to focus more on each one instead of having 100 things haunting me in the back of my mind.

It was kind of anxiety-provoking to have this long list of things I wanted to do sitting out here on the internet while I was just trying to stay alive some days. 50 things seems like an okay compromise, and this is my blog, so I make my own rules. You can, of course, read my original 100 dreams by clicking here, but here is a rundown of the what I accomplished, what I’ve changed my mind about, and what my list looks like now.

(If you want to skip ahead to just read the new list, click here.)

The things I completed from my original list:

11. Complete a “no-spend month”
I officially completed this in July 2018, but I have done it a few times since then out of necessity. I can’t afford to shop like I used to.
12. Have $10,000 saved in savings accounts
I did this! And then I undid this. I was happy to hit my goal, but also happy when I had some money set aside for emergencies and opportunities. My savings are creeping back up since I tapped into them, but I’m not back at $10k yet.
13. Remain debt-free for 5 years
14. Have a credit score of 800 or higher
15. Have an emergency fund equal to 6 months expenses
(I basically did this by default when I finished #12)
18. Go 1 month without buying any books
I do this all the time now that I work at a bookstore. What a surprising twist.
22. Create & print my own wall art
25. Take a creative writing class
Since going back to university, I’ve changed my minor to Creative Writing, so I am taking many creative writing classes!
35. Read more general/adult fiction and non-fiction
Some of my favourites over the last few years: Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe, Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller Things My Son Needs to Know About The World by Fredrik Backman, Us Against You by Fredrik Backman, #IMomSoHard by Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley.
37. Go 1 year without any library fines
40. Update my blog design, photos, etc.
42. Have a YouTube video reach 100 views
44. Bake bread from scratch
It didn’t turn out that well, but I did it this week! It’s edible, but very dense…
54. Pass “Methods of Finite Mathematics” course
I kicked this course’s ass, to be honest. After years of dreading math after failing this course the first time, it turns out all I really needed to do to actually pass it was go to class and listen to what was going on. Who knew?
62. Eat no fast food for 1 month
63. Drink more water
67. Stop taking/needing antidepressants
This is something that I completed, and also don’t see adding to my list again in the future. While I am glad to be off antidepressants at the moment, avoiding medication is not something I want as a goal if I happen to need it again in the future.
68. Wake up earlier than I want to every day
Did this by default when I started a new job with 5am shifts!
76. Move out
77. Move back to London, ON
89. Stop watching TV shows I don’t love
This was actually easier than I thought it would be, because I don’t even think about the shows I stopped watching. I couldn’t even tell you what all of them are. It’s saved me tons of time.
93. Throw out/donate 50 items
97. Have an Amazon Prime account
That student discount is making my dreams come true!

Here are a few of the things I’ve removed from my list:

2. Live in Nashville for 1 month
After thinking back to my trip to Nashville (which is actually where I listened to the audiobook that spawned the writing of my List of 100 Dreams), I don’t think it’s somewhere I’d actually want to live.

15. Have an emergency fund equal to 6 months expenses
I technically completed this, and then used some of it, but rather than keeping it on the list and setting a goal of specifically building a 6-month emergency fund, I’m just focusing on saving money when I can.

16. Save 10% of my take-home pay every month for 1 year
17. Donate 5% of my take-home pay every month for 1 year
These seemed okay at the time I wrote the list, when I was in a different job with a different income and different expenses, but at the moment it’s just not a feasible thing. I save what I can, when I can, but saving 10% and donating another 5% would really be pushing it.

21. Write & record an original song
26. Create a book of poetry
These goals both just don’t interest me anymore. They seemed like neat ideas at the time, but aren’t really my thing anymore.

36. Join a book club
I don’t know what social butterfly added this to my original list, but the more I think about it, the more I hate the idea of having to read a book so that I can talk about it with other humans on a regular basis.

41. Reach 100 YouTube subscribers
43. Have a YouTube video reach 1000 views
A YouTube channel seemed like a cool idea, and it was fun to film some videos, but I am not meant for the YouTube life. I’m out of the YouTube game.

47. Start an indoor herb garden
48. Start an indoor vegetable garden
#47 and #48 are both removed because I know I will never eat what I grow.

55. Give a guest lecture/talk somewhere
The social butterfly who added “Join a bookclub” must have had something to do with this too.

82. Buy a brand new car
A car loses however much of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot, and blah, blah, blah. I’d really rather just have a reliable car and not worry so much about spending a huge chunk of change on something brand new.

From 100 Dreams down to 50 – The New List:

1. Live in New York City for 1 month
2. Live in London, England for 1 month
3. Travel to Ireland & Scotland
4. Travel to Alaska
5. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
6. Visit Banff & Lake Louise during the summer
7. Visit every Canadian province
8. Take a road trip to somewhere outside Ontario
9. See the New York Rangers play against every other team in the NHL
10. Finish writing a novel
11. Publish or self-publish that novel
12. Earn money from writing
13. Write something every day for 1 year
14. Submit a story to a short story contest
15. Get a Bachelor’s degree
16. Apply to grad school
17. Re-read the Harry Potter series
18. Re-read every Sarah Dessen book
19. Read something every day for 1 year
20. Read 7 books in 1 week
21. Open a bookstore
22. Blog at least twice per month for 1 year
23. Bake something at least once every month for 1 year
24. Make & decorate cookies every Christmas
25. Finish all the scrapbooks I’ve started

26. Get an African violet
27. Be able to do one pushup.
28. Run 5km without stopping or walking
29. Reach a healthy BMI/weight
30. Become a certified spin instructor
31. Get a massage at least once
32. Get a pedicure at least once
33. Get eyelash extensions at least once
34. Get my nails done regularly
35. Have a sleep schedule/routine worked out
36. Clean 1 day every week
37. Spend 1 full day without my phone
38. Spend 1 week without any social media
39. Own my own home
40. Create a nice & functional home office
41. Get a kitten and name it Hank
42. Create a job for myself that I actually enjoy
43. Clean my car regularly
44. Send out Christmas cards one year
45. Find a podcast to listen to every week
46. Have an at-home movie night once per month
47. See every “Best Picture” Oscar nominee one year
48. Watch less than 3 hours of TV per day on weekdays
49. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
50. Go to a drive-in movie

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