My Finished List of 100 Dreams

List of 100 Dreams - Part 2

Hey, hello, it’s been a while. I’m back with an update on my List of 100 Dreams, and that update is that I finished it. Unsurprisingly, this list took me quite a while to finish, and even longer to finally post. I actually started this post back in March and never got around to publishing it because a lot of things have been keeping me busy! Adventures, heartbreak, panic attacks – it’s been a whirlwind few months, but things are finally settling down (or at least they are when I’m writing this, but I’m sure as soon as I hit ‘Publish’ my life will explode.) I thought this would be a good time to get back to writing new posts.

I originally considered only posting parts of my List of 100 Dreams, because I find some things on it embarrassing, but I’ve decided to share the full list. What’s the point of blogging about my disaster of a life if I’m going to hide parts of it? I don’t think you’re supposed to try to justify or explain your List items too much, because it’s meant to be a tool that helps with productivity and focusing your attention on priorities, but I’ve included a few notes or updates where I wanted to because it’s my blog and I can do what I want.

The final version of my List of 100 Dreams is arranged in blocks of things that I thought were similar, so if you notice that there are a few things in a row that relate or overlap, that’s why. I definitely didn’t write out my list in any sort of cohesive order, and it took me a while to get to 100. If you haven’t read my first post about the List of 100 Dreams and the audiobook that led me to it (168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam), you can read that by clicking here. If you just want to creep through my list, and judge my dreams and priorities, read on!

1. Live in New York City for 1 month
2. Live in Nashville for 1 month
3. Travel to England again
4. Travel to Ireland & Scotland
5. Travel to Alaska
6. Live in London, England for 1 month
7. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
This is HP mention #1 of many on this list. A key example of my true priorities.
8. Visit Banff & Lake Louise during the summer
I’ve been there at what is apparently “the worst time” to go, right after (Canadian) Thanksgiving, so now I have to go back when it’s nicer out. I have to.
9. Visit every Canadian province
So far I’ve been to: BC, AB, SK, ON, NS, NB, PEI, & NFLD. I’d also like to go back to many of those.
10. Take a road trip to somewhere outside Ontario
11. Complete a “no-spend month”
I’m planning on doing this in July 2018, so if you notice me talking about “needing a new *insert item I definitely do not need here*” during July, please feel free to remind me of the difference between “wants” and “needs” (or just shoot me an eye-roll emoji.)
12. Have $10,000 saved in savings accounts
I have a bunch of savings accounts for different reasons, so I just want to reach a combined total of $10,000 in all of them at some point.
13. Remain debt-free for 5 years
I originally wanted to remain debt-free indefinitely/forever, but I know that at some point in my life I want to buy a house, so I figured I’d put a limit on it and then re-evaluate later on. Loophole!
14. Have a credit score of 800 or higher
15. Have an emergency fund equal to 6 months expenses
This is kind of cheating because if I manage to save 6 months expenses I will have saved over $10,000, which means this overlaps with #12, but that’s okay because it’s my list.
16. Save 10% of my take-home pay every month for 1 year
This is a little hard to figure out because I don’t technically know my actual take-home pay until tax time rolls around, so I’m calculating my “take-home” pay based on what I actually use each month after setting aside money for taxes.
17. Donate 5% of my take-home pay every month for 1 year
18. Go 1 month without buying any books  Completed in April 2018!
19. Finish writing a novel
I wrote a novella way back in high school as one of my final projects, so I know I can finish something longer than a blog post. I started writing a novel a while ago, so I’m hoping I finish it sometime before I die. 
20. Publish or self-publish a novel
21. Write & record an original song
22. Create & print my own wall art Completed in April 2018!
23. Earn money from writing
24. Write something every day for 1 year
25. Take a creative writing class
26. Create a book of poetry
27. Submit a story to a short story contest
28. Submit a poem to a poetry contest
29. Read 52 books every year
30. Re-read the Harry Potter series
31. Own a copy of every Sarah Dessen book
32. Re-read every Sarah Dessen book
33. Read 7 books in 1 week
34. Read something every day for 1 year
35. Read more general/adult fiction and non-fiction
36. Join a book club
37. Go 1 year without any library fines
I haven’t actually owed very many library fines, but sometimes I take out too many books at once and they’re all due too fast and I end up paying a few days of fines for one book that takes too long to read. I’m trying to avoid that disaster for at least a year.
38. Open a bookstore
I have zero idea how to do this and absolutely no experience (other than working at a bookstore part-time for 1 year), but I just really want a cute small store where I can sell books and cookies and hot chocolate and somehow not go bankrupt.
39. Blog at least twice per month for 1 year
Ha. Lofty goals.
40. Update my blog design, photos, etc.  Completed in June 2018!
I ended up removing a bunch of posts that just didn’t seem like “me”, so I didn’t have to do too much photo-updating, but it still took me a few days and I’m glad I finally did it.
41. Reach 100 YouTube subscribers
Almost halfway there!
42. Have a YouTube video reach 100 views Completed in March 2018!
You can watch it here if you want to.
43. Have a YouTube video reach 1000 views

44. Bake bread from scratch
After looking up recipes, this seems like it’s going to be even harder than I thought.
45. Bake something at least once every month for 1 year
46. Make & decorate cookies every Christmas
47. Start an indoor herb garden
48. Start an indoor vegetable garden
49. Get an African violet
50. Finish all the scrapbooks I’ve started
I have all sorts of travel souvenirs and photos that need a place to live and my travel scrapbook is not even half-done, so I need to get on this.
51. Get a Bachelor’s degree
I started university in 2007 but never finished. I dropped out and went to college instead and graduated from 2 programs there, so it wasn’t a total failure, but I want to finish what I started.
52. Spend fewer hours working but get more done
There has to be a way for me to be more efficient, because it seems like a spend a lot of time doing an average amount of work. If anyone has tips, please share.
53. Hire an assistant
When I’m rich and famous, obviously.
54. Pass “Methods of Finite Mathematics” course
I’m awful at math. It’s one thing where even if I try really hard I just can’t seem to be that great at it, but it’s a required course if I want to finish my Bachelor’s degree.
55. Give a guest lecture/talk somewhere
Because the only thing better than hearing myself talk is making a whole bunch of people listen to me ramble.
56. Be completely ahead on work
Instead of constantly wiping my brow and hyperventilating as I finish everything right at the deadline.
57. Reach a healthy BMI/weight
WHY IS THIS SO HARD?! It’s fine. I’m fine.
58. Get my nails done regularly
Because I’m not good at doing my own nails, but I like having them done.
59. Get a massage at least once
Because I don’t like being touched, especially by strangers, but sometimes my body hurts so I think getting a massage just one time is worth a try.
60. Get a pedicure at least once
And hopefully avoid kicking the aesthetician in the face when they touch my feet.
61. Get eyelash extensions at least once
I JUST WANT TO BE BEAUTIFUL. Also, I had a lash lift once (so fancy!) and it didn’t last as long as I would have liked, or have as big of an impact as I wanted, so for a similar price I want to at least try eyelash extensions.
62. Eat no fast food for 1 month
63. Drink more water
64. Run 1km without stopping or walking
65. Run 5km without stopping or walking
66. Meditate at least once per week
67. Stop taking/needing antidepressants
68. Wake up earlier than I want to every day
69. Take 1 hour for myself every morning before checking my phone or computer
70. Have a sleep schedule/routine worked out
71. Clean 1 day every week
72. Hire a house cleaner
Or make the assistant I hire when I’m rich and famous hire me a house cleaner, obviously.
73. Spend 1 full day without my phone
74. Spend 1 full day without internet or data
75. Spend 1 week without any social media
76. Move out  Completed in May 2018!
77. Move back to London, ON Completed in May 2018!
This kind of ended up being the same thing as #76, but when I wrote the list I didn’t know that I’d move out and directly back to London.
78. Create a nice & functional home office
79. Get a kitten and name it Hank
Basically all I want in this world is a kitten called Hank. And then eventually a cat called Hank, of course, because kittens become cats.
80. Decorate and furnish a home
81. Create a job for myself that I love
82. Buy a brand new car
83. Clean my car regularly
84. Send out Christmas cards one year
85. Find a podcast to listen to every week
86. Have an at-home movie night once per month
With snacks.
87. See every “Best Picture” Oscar nominee one year
88. Watch less than 3 hours of TV per day on weekdays
89. Stop watching TV shows I don’t love
For so long I was spending literally hours every week watching shows just because I had been watching them for a few seasons and felt like I couldn’t give up on them, so now I’m trying to make a conscious effort to just give up on TV shows I’m not loving, even if I’m partway through the series or a season.
90. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
91. Say “no” more often to things I don’t want to do
This is probably the most difficult item on the list.
92. Say “yes” more often to things I want to do or try
93. Throw out/donate 50 items
I may have done this before I moved, because I donated a bunch of stuff that I didn’t want to bother moving if I wasn’t going to wear/use it, but I didn’t count any of it so who knows for sure? In the future, I want to set aside a day to just go through my stuff and specifically find 50 things that I don’t use or need, and donate them (or throw them out if they’re not in good condition.)
94. Go skydiving
95. Steward a Little Free Library
96. Go to a drive-in movie
97. Have an Amazon Prime account
I dream big, what can I say?
98. See the New York Rangers play against every other team in the NHL
So far I’ve seen them play Toronto, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Ottawa, Dallas, Nashville, & Calgary…so only 22 teams to go! If the NHL could stop expanding, that would be really helpful for me personally.
99. Own my own home
100. Get married
Currently taking applications. Apply within.

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